The gospel at church today was about humility. I found it to be one of the more difficult concepts I’ve attempted to explain to the boys. They thought it meant “embarrassed” which means they were probably confusing it with humiliated. I often find that explaining complex concepts to them is like opening a Russian nesting-doll. Each word I use to explain something inevitably leads to the explanation of another word then so-on and so-on until we’ve lost the original concept entirely. Today we discussed modesty in relation to humility. What it means to have an unassuming estimation of one’s own abilities. If you make a good play on the baseball field it means you made a good play. It doesn’t mean you’re suddenly the best player on your team or that you won’t fail the next time. It is perfectly fine to be excited and to take pride in doing well, but it’s not fine to boast and brag about how good you are. It’s a lesson I hope they both take to heart going forward.


About Carey Adams

I spend my days & nights trying to figure out how to be a better father.
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